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Welcome To Brand-Vesting

The Ellijay Social believes all brands deserve access and options when it comes to marketing.


Our tailored marketing strategies and expert team work to elevate your media presence and create a community.


Let us guide you on building a strong and impactful brand and business.

Our Focus

Short Term Rental Marketing

Brands &
Strong Content

A consistent brand image instills trust and security, while also emitting the experience of your place of business or service. Capturing that message and relaying it to your social media is a key element to building a brand community, and keeping customers in and out.

This is why we heavily rely on strong photography and video content on social media, which is very time consuming for business owners to handle themselves.

Content that provokes emotion

When you're scrolling on Facebook and see a video of gourmet food, you get hungry.


Browsing Instagram and see someone on vacation you might think, "Oh, the beach looks so nice!"


Looking at photos of that new listing, you might start browsing yourself.

Good content provokes emotion, and The Ellijay Social creates content that does just that.


Ready to Invest?

We've created content for many properties and businesses, browse below

Graphic Design

Are you a business that could benefit from having an on-call graphic designer on hand?

Content Creation

Ready for professional photography or formal videos to display on Social Media?

Branding & Web design

Starting a new business adventure and ready to have a logo & identity?

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